Ingrid Poldan: Analysis of public opinion about dolphins in Republic of Croatia. Original scientific student paper. Faculty of Veterinary Medicine University of Zagreb. Zagreb. 2003.



The subject matter of this essey is the analysed data of public opinion about dolphins. This data were taken from inhabitants of the island Rab and the city of Zagreb. Used method for gathering data was quastionnaire from 103 person. The purpose of this essey was to estimate acquaintence with the facts about dolphins in the Adriatic Sea by the inhabitants of the Republic of Croatia, taking into consideration that Republic of Croatia is obliged with Covention of Conservation of European Wildlife and Natural Habitats to encourage education and to spread informations about necessity to preserve wild species of fauna, in this case, dolphins. Dolphins are residents of the Adriatic Sea, confirmed 97 (94,17%) polled person. The size of dolphins population was estimated in range from four to 12,000 individuals. The number of dolphins in the Adriatic Sea is in decreasing, consider 60 (58,25%) polled person. More tourists would visit the Adriatic Sea, if they knew about the presence of the dolphins in this area, according to 68 (66,02%) polled person. All polled tourists employee from the island Rab (N=5) declared they would use the presence of dolphins in ihe Adriatic Sea to advertise their own tourist activity. Dolphins are, according to the law, protected, answered 45 (43,69%) polled person. Of 20 polled person younger or in age of 18, three (15%) knew that dolphins are protected by law. Interest for additional informations about dolphins, showed 87 (84,47%) polled person. In year 2000 five (29,41% "fishermen'') fishermen stated that their fishnets were damaged by dolphins. Only one polled fisherman (5,88% "fishermen") knew that the Republic of Croatia is obligated to compensate the damage coused by legal protected animal, five (29,41% "fishermen") polled fishermen denied that constatation. None of the polled fishermen (N=17), knew whom to direct for compensation in case of damaged fishnets by dolphins Of 17 polled fishermen, 10 of them (58,82%) showed no interest for getting compensation because they stated the damage on their fishnets as minor and as they think bureaucracy in Republic of Croatia is slow, that is, they do not belive they would get any compensation. Of 17 polled fishermen 10 (58,82%) knew that dolphins are protected by law. Dolphins need a protected area in the Adriatic Sea, is the opinion of 80 (77,67%) polled person. Research and protection of dolphins should be financed by Republic of Croatia, state 91 (88,35%) polled person.