Korina Šlogar i Mirta Seletković: Estimation of the bottlenose dolphin (Tursiops truncatus) population in the Šibenik-Knin county. Original scientific student paper. Faculty of Veterinary Medicine University of Zagreb. Zagreb. 2011.



Today, the bottlenose dolphin (Tursiops truncatus) from the order whales (Cetacea) is the only permanently residing marine mammal in the Adriatic Sea and is protected by Croatian law. Many biological characteristics of this species are still unknown, as well as their population number. This study includes sightings of 106 bottlenose dolphins during the year 2010 in Šibenik-Knin county, which include photo-identification, counting individuals by intersections and capture-recapture. The number of bottlenose dolphins in Šibenik-Knin county is between 40 and 80. They travel in pods of 1 to 9, on average of 4,06 individuals. Of all the observed individuals, 35 of them have been photo-identified, and their information has been entered into the online Adriatic Sea marine mammal monitoring database at „crodolphin.vef.hr/crodolphin“. These results are to be used in further research concerning bottlenose dolphins in Šibenih-Knin county area as well as the rest of the Adriatic Sea.