Santini, P: Characteristic of the bone mineral density of humerus and antebrachial bones of the females bottlenose dolphins (Tursiops truncatus) of the different ages. Diploma Thesis. Faculty of Veterinary Medicine. Zagreb, 2010



The aim of this study was to examine and describe the decrease of bone mineral density that happens in older female bottlenose dolphins which has been found in researches on humans and some other mammals. The reseach was done on 27 right pectoral flippers of female bottlenose dolphins using DEXA method hich measures the bone mineral density. There is strong correlation in age in the controlled animals with the bone mineral content and bone mineral density, which is expressed in high correlation coefficients of the tested variables. There is an increase in bone mineral content of the humeral and antibrachial bones in dolphins until the age of 17 years and after that there is a mild decrease in the mentioned values in dolphins older than 21 years. The values of bone mineral density of the humerus and antibrachial bones in the age of 15 year old dolphins and up to 21 years of age mildy decreases. There are deviations detected in the line of growth of measured values in some individuals which is most likely associated with the biological cycles by the temporarily decrease in bone mineral density (pregnancy, some diseases) or they are associated with the inaccurate method of age determination in animals. The trend of decreasing bone  mineral density in older female bottlenose dolphins is similar to that described in women of postmenopausal age, older female monkeys and some other animals.